“One of the most compelling, thought provoking and well-written memoirs I’ve read in quite some time.”
— Amazon reviewer
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It wasn’t a hurricane, a monsoon, a typhoon, or a tropical storm.  It was just a rainy Friday.

Until it wasn’t.

In August 2016, nearly thirty inches of rain fell on the little town just north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Karen Milioto and her family live. The rivers in the area, swollen from weeks of wet weather, reached record-breaking heights in a matter of hours. A gauge just south of the Milioto farm recorded the water line hit a whopping seven feet above the highest-recorded reading in its history.

As water poured onto their property, Karen and her husband battled the current in pitch-black skies and torrential rain. Suddenly, everything they loved about their home now threatened to kill them. And when the water receded, Karen surveyed the scene with grief-stricken contempt and asked God, point-blank:

These are your plans?

With those four words, Karen began a faith journey that helped her emerge, inch by inch, from the darkness that engulfed her and that, in time, taught her:

·         Mustard seeds are small, but they are something

·         Hope doesn’t always come in big packages

·         Nothing beats a good set of roots

·         Yielding is essential to more than highway driving

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