Mustard Seeds and Water Lines

Mustard Seeds and Water Lines

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It wasn’t a hurricane, a monsoon, a typhoon, or a tropical storm. It was just a rainy Friday. Until it wasn’t.


When nearly thirty inches of rain fell on the little town just north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in August of 2016, the rivers in the area reached record-breaking heights in a matter of hours. Water poured onto Karen Milioto’s property, and suddenly everything she loved about her home threatened to kill her. When the water receded, Karen surveyed the scene with grief-stricken contempt and asked God, point-blank: These are your plans?


Author Bio:

 Karen is a former Bostonian who now resides on a small farm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

She cannot do math in her head and is a terrible cook, but she did recently catch a disgruntled goose with her bare hands.  

Grounded by her firm belief in God and a deep-rooted fascination with scripture, Karen heads to the garden in her debut memoir to find the answers about her faith she once hoped she would never have to ask.